【Expied】Photocopy by mail

This service has ended Mar 31, 2021.



We offer this service by Feb 28, 2021→extended to Mar 31, 2021. (posted Feb 16)

We offer photocopies of our libraries' holding journals and books by mail during library closure in order to prevent new coronavirus(COVID-19) infection spread.


Eligibility: Students, graduate students, faculty members of Musashino University

Material: Items in stock, as long as copyright protection allows.

Mailing terms: As many times as needed for senior students and graduate students.

                        Once per person for other students and faculty members.

Postage: Library is to pay photocopy and mail

Application: Email to the library that has item you need a photocopy of from  Musashino University's e-mail address* (as long as it's available).

E-mail required with subject "Photocopy by mail" and attached application form (download from "Photocopy by mail" June 1. information in MUSCAT's Messages for You).


Please be aware that it may take time to be delivered.



Musashino Library: toshokan@musashino-u.ac.jp

Ariake Library: tosho2@musashino-u.ac.jp