Off campus access

Off campus access is service that enable access to journals, e-Books, databases as you are not on campus. You can use the database from mobile phone or home PC via off campus access.

Our online services are accessible off campus for undergraduate students (except for students of the Distance Learning Division), graduate students and full-time faculty members.


How to access. 

1. Access to Library Home page.

2. Click【OPAC/マイライブラリ】upper left of screen.

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3. ClickMyLibrary Login】upper light of screen, and Log in.

    * Select English as the default language of the web browser to jump English page.


  User ID:【Undergraduate, Graduate】Student ID no.

                  【Faculty】Prepend 8(+0) to make Faculty ID a seven-digit number.

  Password initial value:【Undergraduate, Graduate】Password of MUSCAT.

                                       【Others】Ask if not knowing the password.

4. Click 【Off campus access】 under 【Information】.

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5. Access to each database from the "List of online databases (off campus access)".


  • Please note that not all the services provided on campus are available off campus due to contracts with providers of services.
  • When the displayed URL includes "", the connection is valid. If not, the connection is invalid. Restart by clicking "Off campus access" under "Information" of MyLibrary.